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Do you have an existing dock or boathouse thats in need of repair or expansion? Our custom design services are specific to your situation, property, watercraft, and entertainment needs.

When you need service or repair, whether we built your dock or not, our team is ready to respond. We are committed to providing prompt reliable service, as well as quality repairs, modifications and additions.

Lakeland  Pier and Boathouse Company, Inc. in Littleton  

Choose from one of our award winning designs, or let us create the boathouse of your dreams. Our custom design services work with your lifestyle, your lot, and your budget.

​With over a decade of building experience around Lake Gaston, we are environmentally conscious and consistently meet or exceed all county code requirements in North Carolina and Virginia.

Satisfied customers, referrals and recommendations have made Lakeland Pier the preferred pier and boathouse builder serving the Lake Gaston community for over fifteen years.

We offer a variety of options and types of lifts for your watercraft. In support of our fellow local businesses, we source our lifts from Doozie and Ultimate Boat Lifts, both manufactured in Littleton, NC.

​Whatever your boat lift needs, we can help. We repair, replace, reinstall, and maintain lifts everyday. 

​Regardless of the amount of mechanical use your lift goes through in a season, wind and water motion takes a toll causing fraying over the life of the lift and cables.

We recommend inspecting your lift cables annually and replacing them every 5 years.